What We Offer:


Classical Pilates is beneficial for all bodies, not only enhancing young and/or trained athletes performance, but also offering to the mature or to the previously inactive a safe and steady method of conditioning. It is a system of movement that is low impact but profound for all levels.

Classical Pilates teaches a mind-body connection with focus on the core muscle groups, the “POWERHOUSE”, to develop and increase the four “S-es” of Pilates:

  1. Strength, to support and increase flexibility of the spine,
  2. Stretch, to regularly extend safely from the core,
  3. Stability, to promote better balance, and
  4. Stamina, to continually build the ability to “keep going” with efficiency of movement.

All four together allow the Pilates student to meet the physical demands of everyday life with safety and increased well-being.



Your instructor guides you through each lesson, giving precise verbal and tactile cues to ensure optimal alignment, proper breathing, and safe and efficient movement. Four types of classes are offered:

Private: one-on-one instruction, which typically includes both apparatus and mat work, as well as specialized exercises to address specific needs. Sessions are 50-55 minutes. $85

Duet: two students study together on the mat and /or apparatus. Students need to be at similar Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced working levels. It is the student’s responsibility to find a suitable partner. Sessions are 50-55 minutes. $50

Tower: three or four students study together on the tower apparatus. Students need to have completed ten hours of Pilates classes before taking a tower class. Sessions are 50-55 minutes. $45

Mat: up to twelve clients in this scheduled group class. Students need to be at similar Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced working levels, and should register for appropriate level classes. Drop-ins are welcome up to maximum class size limit. Sessions are 45-55 minutes. $20